You Don't Have To Believe In The Story In Your Head About Yourself

Have I told you about my experience with hypnosis? In fact, it was a hypnotherapy session that I had, online, that has changed my life forever!

It used to be quite rare, for me to find myself falling all the way into real deep places in my mind, crying, releasing so much energy. If you know me long enough, I never cried in front of others. I would do my best, to hold it in. I wouldn’t give myself that permission. Even when I was alone, tears would come out in a cautious, limited, constricted manner. 

Here, just by sitting at my desk, in front of my computer screen, listening to the guidance of a woman, I was absolutely out of the way. Tears were just bursting, rushing through my eyes. It was a deep place, and it was a huge relief.

That woman is Marisa Peer. If you want, you can look her up. She’s one of the world’s top hypnotherapists from the UK. 

Before this, I was in a paradox with hypnosis. I thought hypnosis was all a trick, just like any other magic trick. Tho, I admit, in a way, it was among those mystical phenomena  I was attracted to as a kid. 

I remember even 6 years ago when I was in my 20s when I was asked a question, "if there was a superpower I would love to acquire, what would it be for me?”. My answer was to be able to read and change one’s mind.  This has a lot to do with my fascination with hypnosis.

Yeah, I like the type of superpower Dr. Charles Xavier has. :)

Back to the session I had with Marisa. 

You know, after that experience, I was sold on this technique! I went all in and I dug, and dug, and learned about the mind, the body, the connection between these two. I learned about hypnosis and the way it works. I also had more sessions like that. I also went through workshops and trainings by her, and ended up training myself on how to do it. 

The more I went into this, the more I realized that I really loved this stuff.

Back then I was also starting out my coaching practice. So it was an extra tool for me to serve my coaching clients. 

Do you remember the first time you were chosen for a talent class? 

Or when you felt like you had a talent for something and decided to give it a try and find a class to develop it? 

It’s an interesting place. A part of you knows you are good and can be so much better, for some strange reason. 

But another part of you feels scared, shy, and basically, doubtful of this whole thing. 

That was me with this hypnosis thing. 

A part of me was like, “I absolutely love this! It’s helped me so much. This is incredible and I want to share this with others!” 

And another part of me went: “June, are you sure you can do this? Who are you to do this? What makes you qualified? You need to be certified. You don't know what you are doing. It’s wrong you re doing this thing! Why do you think people are going to say yes? Who likes hypnosis? Who wants you to come into their mind and tell them what to do? You’re crazy!

Well, I procrastinated for a little bit. 

Then I kinda leaned into the part with love and passion and gave myself the permission to practice this on some people (with their permission, of course) in my coaching sessions, to just have fun and see how it could help these people first. 

And the transformational moment finally came. 

One of the women who came to receive a session from me, in which I performed the hypnotherapy technique with her, really showed me something that shifted me forever.

Just like me, during the hypnotic guidance, she was just falling all the way into a real deep place inside, and was able to process, consciously, some deep long-held story about her self-worth, and release loads and loads of charged energy around these stories. 

When the session ended, she told me: “June. I went to the best hypnotist here. People had to wait for months to have sessions with this hypnotist. He’s good. But I was never able to go as deep. And I just did here. You've got a gift for this.”

The answer to all my doubt was right there all in front of me. I had no way to hide. 

From that moment on, I learned that:

The story I had in my head about me, or the qualifications, certifications, have nothing to do with the impact people can receive from me.

Since then, I have been fully committed to transforming people’s lives, including my own life, from inside out, through the work with their deeper mind, or you can call it, the subconscious mind. 

I have been slowly, consistently, and passionately moving along this path, facilitating hundreds of hours of coaching and healing work over the past 2 years. The positive results have been consistent, both in-person and online. 

To reverse engineer this story of mine, I would like to offer you more than just the inspiration. 

Here are powerful insights for you:

This gift and success of what I’ve been doing was not something I had foreseen. You see, I had lots of doubt and fear. They did sound true. 

But I leaned into these 3 things to navigate me through it:

1/ my pure love & appreciation for the thing that helped me,

2/ my pure intention to try out something new and have fun with it,

3/ my genuine desire to help others

Easy and a little bit cheesy right? 😄 

Now, back to you, my friends!

With my story, I want you to have the transformation yourself. So I invite you, challenge you, to take action, asap! 

Are you not fully satisfied with your life right now? Do you want to change your life for the better? Do you want more fun, more excitement, more things to look forward to, more joy, more meaningful connections? Do you want to start doing what you love more? And even better, getting paid for it?  

Go and write down the thing that you love doing, and you would love giving to people. Then write down how this thing has helped you. Coz, as it helps you, there’s a high chance it can help others as well. 

Then, make an offer out of it and start sharing it with the people around you! Offer it for free, or for a small amount of exchange, or donation. It's up to you! 

You may feel a little scared because you don’t know where this will take you! Here’s the rule of the game:

If you want something different, you have to try something different that you never tried before. 

Okay, Let me promise you this one thing:

You are going to have fun.

Because you love the thing you do, you are going to have so much fun with it!

Does that make you feel less scared? ❤️ I hope so!

Okay! Go! Post in the comment below and share with us what you’ve got! 

I would love to hear from you!

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