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“I felt a powerful release of blocks during my session with June - her combination of guided meditation, insightful questions and holding space is incredible!”

Leanne Beesley - Founder at Lemon
Former Co-founder & CEO at Coworker.com

Meet June Bui

Transformational Life Coach | Entrepreneur | Breathwork Facilitator  

I work with ambitious intuition-driven entrepreneurs, helping them unleash the infinite power of their INNER GURU, so they can create, build, and lead their life fearlessly, impactfully, and sustainably.

Fulfillment & Freedom, Joy & Peace - All is yours to claim.

“In just one session, potentially my whole life changed. Before the call, I was in fear and about to make big decisions based on fear. June really helped guide me to get to the root of my fear and then come up with a much better solution, and guided me to list action steps I would take simply in the next week that would move me forward in my goals. Really powerful.”

Lisa Marie Chang - Song Writer, Musician & Singer

Star Cluster

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motions.”


~ Rumi ~


A Letter To My Dear Entrepreneur Friends

Within you flows the infinite power of this entire universe. Science and ancient spirituality have finally joined in union. This is not anymore a novelty. 


You do have the power to step away from playing the victim role, and all these long-held identities, stories, limiting beliefs.

You do have the power to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey, without all the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, burn out, imbalance, etc.


You do have the power to claim your place as the creator and owner of your life experience. 

The power is all inside of you. 

And if you haven't been able to experience your own power yet, I am here to support you awaken it.

Stop predicting. Start creating.

Step into your authentic power, break free from unconscious limiting beliefs and reach beyond the ordinary


The Best Kept "Secret

For Your Sustainably Stress-Free Entrepreneurial Life


Master your mind. Master your life. Become the commander, not the follower of your mind. Being a human without an understanding of the mind is like driving a car without reading the manual provided.


"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality." - Albert Einstein. Open up your sensitivity to work with energy will save you tons of time.


ALL HUMAN are terrified of LONELINESS, no matter how much you have materialistically. So finding the community that understands you and nurtures will help you sustain the game.


When you change your mindset by replacing a negative thought with a positive thought, that just doesn't last because beneath a thought, there's an emotion. Learn how to work with your emotion is the key to change your mindset forever.


You were born different and what makes you different is what you are here to give. Shine that unique superpower and serve the world. This is the ultimate competition-proof secret to build and sustain any business.


Self-accountability is essential. And having someone, if not many, to hold you safely to higher standards than you could hold yourself is what will exponentiate your GROWTH.

Learn How To Master These And You Will Stay Sustainably Resilient Throughout Any Uncertainties

"Coaching with June has been a remarkable experience.


Her unique style including breath work, guided meditations and reflections helped me discover valuable insights and tools to use them. I have now more focus, clarity, self-acceptance and strength to achieve my meaningful goals.

June has a fine intuition and asks the right questions to get to the core of things. She is humble, sincere, humorous, and I appreciate the dedication and presence she brings to every session. I fully trust her competence and integrity.


I recommend June as a coach to anyone who wants to grow and improve his or her life."

Gerhard Pappert - Copy Writer & Entrepreneur

Truth To Be Told:

Most entrepreneurs choose to create their own businesses to find freedom. 

And most of them find themselves stuck in another prison of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, worries, pressure, fear, doubt, and so on.

 The reason is:


they are trying to change the outside conditioning, hoping the inner experience will shift. 

When in fact, 

their inner experience is governed by the deeper power of their subconscious mind, with all the beliefs, stories, identifies that they learned throughout their life. 

So trying to change the outside is like working hard climbing up a ladder to get to the top and realize that the ladder was leaning on the WRONG wall.


Do You Want To Claim The True Overflowing Freedom, Joy and Peace In Life?

“Though it was only one session, it was super powerful. There were so many "ah ha" and "oh shit" moments within the session. My mind is a lot clearer now, and I now know the next step forward in my life. Do yourself a favor and see June. You won’t regret it.

Antony Lam - Ecommerce Solo Entrepreneur, Founder & Blogger at anthonyco.net 

If you are ready to own your greatness,

If you are ready to claim your supernormal normal life, then I am here ready to serve

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