Deep Coaching

Step into your authentic power, break free from unconscious limiting beliefs and reach beyond the ordinary

Welcome, Badass Souldiers!

You are here because you feel this deep calling to step up, do something different, build something incredible, bathe yourself in more exotic experiences, or impact more lives and evolve fearlessly with your community.


You already know that's what you want. You feel moved to take action. The question is, why are you still here?


I'm NOT here to try to get you to do something for me.


I'm here to help you remember who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this lifetime.

I'm here to offer my GIFT of COACHING and be of service to YOU on your journey reaching beyond the ordinary.

With the few coaches I’ve sat with before, each of them had a way of helping me in a way that made me feel helped. Any progress or insights made in the sessions were attributed to the brilliance of that coach rather than my own hard work. This made me feel helpless. 


June’s brilliance shined through in her unique ability to stimulate me to help myself. All of us possess the ability to become who we were meant to be, and far be it from others to tell us who we can be.


June is brilliant and humble. She has helped me immensely and made me feel whole again."

Jonathan Levi - Co-founder,

COO at MyRelevium, LLC

Freedom. Fulfillment. Impact.


You deserve them all!

I currently offer personalized 1-on-1 deep coaching in which I support people like you to create and live the life of their dream.

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"In my very first session with June, I felt that she was able to coach me into reaffirming my own inner power. I decided to commit to continuing working with June and in every session, since she has focused on making me feel whole and worthy rather than broken and in need of more help."

Jonathan Levi - Co-founder,

COO at MyRelevium, LLC

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